one that is of equal standing with another : equal;
especially : one belonging to the same societal group
based on age, grade, or status.


Wish you could go to a web conference where you'd learn something new?
Be inspired by the people building solutions and products on the web you actually use?
Join a supportive community that prides itself on craftsmanship and collaboration?
Welcome to Peers.

We're a different kind of conference. One where you'll hear from folks you know, and some new voices you don't. We bring together developers, designers and web business owners to share their knowledge and experiences. (And have some fun, too.) Whether you're a pixel-pusher, an artisan or a maker, Peers is for you. Let's do something awesome, together.

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Come Meet Your Peers

Brad Bell — Pixel & Tonic

Brad Bell

Chief Mixologist, Pixel & Tonic


Ryan Irelan — Mijingo

Ryan Irelan

Owner, Mijingo

Jack McDade — Owner

Jack McDade

, Owner

Amy Hoy — 30x500

Amy Hoy

Founder, 30x500


Yitzchok Willroth —

Yitzchok Willroth

Software Developer,


Ben Parizek —

Ben Parizek


Mubashar Iqbal — MadGlory

Mubashar Iqbal

Chief Technology Officer, MadGlory


Jerel Unruh —

Jerel Unruh

Web Developer,


Chris Jarvis — Nexcess

Chris Jarvis

Enterprise Support Group Representative, Nexcess

Jason Siffring — Surprise Highway

Jason Siffring

Owner, Surprise Highway


Rachel Andrew — Edge of my Seat

Rachel Andrew

Founder, Edge of my Seat


Andrey Butov — Antair

Andrey Butov

Owner, Antair


Patrick Pohler — Anecka

Patrick Pohler

Owner, Anecka


Sam Hernandez — Vector Media Group

Sam Hernandez

Developer, Vector Media Group


Una Kravets — IBM

Una Kravets

Front-End Developer, IBM


Seth Giammanco — Minds on Design Lab

Seth Giammanco

Principal, Minds on Design Lab


Chad Crowell — Clearfire, Inc.

Chad Crowell

Partner, Clearfire, Inc.


Brandon Kelly — Pixel & Tonic

Brandon Kelly

Owner, Pixel & Tonic